“As you would be aware from our Mission Statement we are an alliance of Queensland community organisations and individuals aimed at re-empowering communities via Local government reform. All of the management group are volunteers, but there are costs which we must find funds for. These include normal admin costs (postage, communications, incorporation and insurance) and other operational costs such as advertising of events, funding keynote speakers, and hire of conference venues. These must be paid from funds raised from Membership fees, and donations and other sources.”

If you agree with our principles and objectives you may consider contributing financially to the QLGRA cause.

Bob Johnson
QLGRA President

How To Donate

Please select your donation method:

If you wish to donate via Direct Deposit, please use the QLGRA account details below and transfer the money to the QLGRA bank account in the usual way:

BSB No: 124960 Account No: 2206 1203

Or, if you wish to donate via PayPal, click the link below:

Click Here to Donate with PayPal

After donating, please fill out the following form. This helps us to track your donation and provide a follow-up call or email.

Thank you, your donation is appreciated

QLGRA President



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