Caboolture submission to latest LG inquiry

The group ‘Reclaim Caboolture Shire’ has lodged a very good submission to the Queensland state government’s review of council sustainability, conducted by the Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee.

You can access the full document here: 2017 Caboolture Sustainability Submission.



New media release

Latest Media Release – June 2017

Text of above media statement:


QLGRA is recognised as the peak representative state wide body for ratepayer groups and other organisations with interests in local council matters and has been representing these groups since 2013.
Today we are proud to stand with Hon Rob Pyne (MP Cairns) and support him in his efforts to have an ICAC style inquiry convened to fully investigate the allegations of corruption and misconduct that have become apparent throughout councils in Queensland.
It is our opinion that CCC Operation Belcarra has only scratched the surface of the hidden systemic abuse of power within councils to the detriment of the people these councils are supposed to represent.
Both major parties, while in government, have ignored the multitude of complaints, that go back as far as 1999, and it is well past time for this unacceptable situation to be resolved, so as to be able to return councils to their proper role without secrecy and the enablement to hide corruption and misconduct.
We call upon the current government to act and convene an Independent Inquiry immediately. Such an inquiry should not be inhibited, and have broad ranging terms of reference to allow it to follow any and all leads that it may uncover.
QLGRA has supported Rob Pyne’s actions since he tabled his first documents in October 2015, and believe he has been extremely responsible in his use of Parliamentary Privilege to bring to the notice of the people of Qld, the government and authorities the anomalies, toxic cultures and corruption within councils.
Rob Pyne is the only parliamentarian who has persevered against formidable opposition to truly represent the people of Queensland and bring to light what now must become an open Independent Inquiry.

Colin Hewett

New survey launched

QLGRA has launched a new survey on councils: ‘How Well Does Your Council Serve Your Local Community?’

We’re gathering data on how well councils are serving individuals and local communities. We’d like to know if they are improving or getting worse, and especially the effect of boundary changes (such as amalgamations).

We use skip logic – so you can choose to complete the survey in under 10 minutes or to give more detailed responses if you have the time. There’s also an option to provide detail on rate increases over time. It is completely anonymous unless you choose to include your contact details.

Please consider contributing – and encourage everyone you know to have their say too.  The survey page on our website is:

Dear Grandad …

The following email was received out of the blue by one of our members recently, from his granddaughter in Sydney (aged 10).  It shows that the younger generation has a good grasp of local politics!

“Dear Grandad, recently we have started learning history in class and learning about Australian federation.  Our class discussion led us to amalgamation and I think council amalgamation is disgusting!  Isn’t the whole point of state government to care for their state so isn’t the whole point of a local government to care for each person and to cater to their specific needs?  Mum told me that the Queensland government had forced a lot of amalgamation and now Mike Baird (the NSW premier) is doing it too!  I totally support you in your efforts to de-amalgamate; when will our premiers learn some common sense?

Daisy – xoxo”

NSW council amalgamations: Baird Government urged to avoid Queensland’s merger mistakes

ABC News Brisbane (16 Feb 2016) reportes   ……

Forcing NSW councils to amalgamate could create “ungovernable” communities if residents’ concerns are not properly considered, two former ministers who worked with merged councils in Queensland have warned.The ex-ministers, from both sides of politics, produced a report that said “many councils in Queensland are still paying a high price” for mergers that were not well planned.

Read the full report at this link ………