Council mergers: Did they actually save us money?

12th Mar 2018 – article by Geoff Egan

MERGING Queensland’s councils was lauded as a way to save taxpayers millions.

But a decade after amalgamation the Queensland Government has no data on what, if any, savings amalgamating councils made.

The much-protested upheaval, including a threatened plebiscite, turned 157 councils into 72 and ended 724 councillor positions.

From March 15, 2008, amalgamations were designed to cut costs through greater economies of scale.

Local Government Association of Queensland CEO Greg Hallam said the mergers had not solved councils’ financial woes.  “Any claims of savings were clearly illusory,” he said.  “Financial conditions haven’t changed one iota. Amalgamation wasn’t the silver bullet.”

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MP for Gympie Tony Perrett Says Council Mergers Have Failed

March 12, 2018

Member for Gympie Tony Perrett believes Council amalgamations, which were supposed to produce many benefits for ratepayers, have failed to deliver any value.

Speaking on the 10th anniversary of the controversial 2008 council mergers, the former Kilkivan Shire councillor and Gympie Regional Council Deputy Mayor said in hindsight, the mergers were really a State Government cost-shifting exercise.

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