Media release – the Powerful Mayor Syndrome

“The Powerful Mayor Syndrome” is seriously hampering good governance throughout Queensland.  Cairns Labor MP, and one time councillor Rob Pyne, is calling for an Independent Inquiry into local government corruption in Queensland.

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The Powerful Mayor Syndrome


LGAQ slamming MP Rob Pyne proves him right!

A peak body of Queensland ratepayers groups (QLGRA) has expressed strong support for Rob Pyne’s call for a corruption inquiry into Queensland Regional Councils.    “The LGAQ would do well to stop the personal attack on Rob. He has taken up a courageous fight. His call stands as a warning to any government failing to address the state of local government in Queensland”:  QLGRA spokesperson Colin Hewett said today.  Click on the link below to read the release

Media release LGAQ slams MP Rob Pyne