QLGRA reply to LNP letter.

QLGRA reply to LNP letter of 29 Jan.2015



Responses from “Letter to State Candidates – 2015”

Your Alliance contacted all known candidates in the forthcoming State election seeking their views on forced Council amalgamations.  Responses have been received from some candidates across 27 electorates and collated into one document – click on the link below to check the views of the candidates from your electorate.

Collated responses



Budget Community Education Report

Our thanks go to Nigel Waistell, Councillor for Division 1 of the Scenic Rim Regional Council, who produced this report for use by his constituents.  The document was produced to allow communities to better understand Council’s budgeting process; how their rating level is determined and how rates money is allocated within the Budget. 

All dollar values pertaining to the Scenic Rim Council have been removed making the document relevent to all communities throughout Queensland.  Your Council’s budget for 2014/15 should be on their website, from that you will find the figures you need to complete the charts in the report. Then you will have a clearer picture of how your dollars are allocated and spent. (editor) 

Click the link to access the report    …….  Budget Community Education

LNP Policy on Council Amalgamations

LNP in opposition seeks community input on issues including their proposals to de-amalgamation Councils. Click the link  …   . 2007 – Deputy leader Seeney LNP Policy 2007All pages

“The LNP in opposition has a clear policy that will allow the realignment of existing council boundaries around local communities of interest (de-amalgamation)”.  2009 – Leader of the Opposition Springborg LNP_letter_2mar

Would-be LNP Premier John-Paul Langbroek promises boundary realignment for Noosa. 2010  –  Langbroek will de-amalgamate _ Coolum & North Shore News

Pre-election headlines November 2011 ” A CanDo LNP Government will give Queensland communities a choice on local Council de-amalgamation”.   2011 – Pre-election LNP on de-amalgamation

“There will be no more de-amalgamations” (June 2014).   2014 – Hon David Crisafulli MP Minister for Local Government.


Qld ALP Policy Platform 2014

The Queensland ALP Policy Platform 2014, adopted at their recent State conference is the policy blue print for the upcoming State Election (31st January 2015). 

Pages 64 – 67 sets out Labor’s policy on Local Government, in particular paragraphs 7.123, 7.124, 7.129, 7.130, 7.137, 7.139 and 7.146 are very interesting!

The document can be accessed by clicking on this link  http://www.queenslandlabor.org/policy