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Time for political parties to come out of the closet in Ipswich

It’s dollars to donuts Ipswich City Council, south-west of Brisbane, will be sacked within the week.   Mayor Andrew Antoniolli stood down, a day after the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) charged him with seven counts of fraud. Cr Antoniolli allegedly used ratepayer funds over six years to buy charity auction items. http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/leaders/new-ipswich-mayor-charged-with-fraud/news-story/0c2335fd03344027c70a4d45a584e5c0  Acting Ipswich Mayor Wayne Wendt said Council would appeal the show-cause notice issued by Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe. The Council has buckleys of winning that appeal. https://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_council/media/articles/2018/statement-from-acting-mayor-wayne-wendt   Two former mayors and two former CEOs are among 12 people charged with 66 counts after last year’s CCC Operation Belcarra investigation. Antoniolli’s predecessor Paul Pisasale is facing serious charges including corruption, extortion and assault Queensland Labor Premier  Annastacia Palaszczuk might have quipped, after Wilde, ‘To lose one mayor may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness.’  But, as both Antoniolla and Pisasale were Labor Party members, though running as independents, Ipswich Council is no laughing matter, but a major embarrassment for the Premier and the party. Ms Palaszczuk said meekly the people of Ipswich had lost confidence in the council.   http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-03/ipswich-council-to-be-sacked-as-mayor-antoniolli-stands-down/9722146

 Ipswich is an old coal-mining city and Labor has held political sway since – well, forever. Paul Pisasale joined the party shortly before he was first elected to Council in 1991. When he became Mayor as an independent in 2004 he, still a party member, promptly announced there was no place for party politics in local government. That view unfortunately is shared by most of Queensland, and candidates, running as independents, can align themselves with parties to tap into resources for campaigns but the parties have no control over their decisions once they are elected.Not that LNP or Labor governments have had much inclination to rein in rogue councils. Former Labor Member for Cairns Rob Pyne and Member for Bundamba in Ipswich Jo-Ann Miller both raised serious issues about councils only to be rebuked by Premier Palaszczuk who was mightily offended by suggestions she ignored their continual warnings.

Pyne resigned from the party and unfortunately lost his seat at the last election. Conservative Courier-Mail journo Steven Wardill wrote, ‘Deputy Premier Jackie Trad was right about Rob Pyne. The Cairns MP really is the treacherous type.’ https://myaccount.news.com.au/sites/couriermail/subscribe.html?sourceCode=CMWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&mode=premium&dest=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.couriermail.com.au%2Fnews%2Fopinion%2Fopinion-cairns-mp-rob-pyne-really-is-the-treacherous-type%2Fnews-story%2Fa31049dc3d9466c0590dabf233878d70&memtype=anonymous&v21=cvp&v21suffix=cvp

The Courier-Mail wrote up Pyne’s prophetic messages about a bent Ipswich City Council while at the same time shooting the messenger.


Paul Pisasale subject of explosive claims by MP Rob Pyne in Parliament

Jo-Ann Miller continues to hang on to Labor endorsement as the Member for Bundamba and had raised the possibility of contesting the next mayoral ballot. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/its-just-joann-being-joann-premier-hits-back-at-corruption-allegations-20170823-gy2ast.html  I believe the reasons State Governments overlook councils behaving badly is they do not want political brawls and they like to deal with stable councils – no councillor has lost office in Ipswich since 2000. Perhaps even more importantly large councils have access to lots of ratepayer money to share the costs of infrastructure and other major projects.   Now it is at a stage that the Queensland Government has to take action. After Antoniolli’s departure, five of the 10 remaining (for a little while) councillors are Labor Party members. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_Ipswich

In my council area of Moreton Bay Region most councillors are aligned with the Liberal-National Party while two are Labor members. All ran as independents. I asked one of the Labor Party members why she shared a billboard with conservatives at the last election and she angrily told me not to bring politics into it.

It’s time for parties to run at local government elections to bring proper governance to councils. Organised ratepayer groups supporting councillors could be viable alternatives to parties. The temptations to do the wrong thing or turn a blind eye are too strong for most councillors in the present set-up.

Neither Labor nor the LNP can afford to run local government campaigns with the meagre public support of a $1000 tax deduction for candidates. Though there are more creative, less expensive ways to campaign, reform will require more public funding. If that seems unappetising, the alternative is accepting corruption in local government.

MSM shirks its public duties

I was working for the long-running Ipswich paper The Queensland Times in the late 1990s when its council reporter was booted under police guard from a council meeting.

Council did not like the reporter’s coverage, particularly a story of how the then mayor voted for a development by a major campaign donor. ‘I forgot,’ the mayor said about the error, and my colleague reported it as such.

The Times editor contacted Council and was told the paper could send any reporter to cover meetings except the regular one.

To the next meeting, the editor sent the regular reporter, a second reporter and a photographer to cover any altercation. Council caved in.

By the 2000s when I was working at Pine Rivers, the Pine Rivers Press was still robustly reporting on council. One of my stories on two councillors and electoral donations made the front page. Another councillor said to me, ‘I hope I don’t make the front page of the Pine Rivers Press.’

During the 2010s I was punted from covering council. I asked the editor why and all he repeated was that it was his decision.

There is some argument that the local media should not involve itself in controversial political matters. But State media cannot cover all the councils. If the local press shirks its duties or worse becomes an agent of flattering councillors, corruption and theft from the public purse thrive like mushrooms in the dark.

Bernie Dowling is the author of Maaate! Bribe-Proofing the Public Purse Against Good Blokes.


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the QLGRA

  1. Across Qld the areas who have lost effective voice in their governance, are growing more hopeful as they band together to lobby for better governance. They have not been placated by official panaceas and grow daily more determined to fight for a real say in their areas. QLGRA is uniting the hearts and efforts of those who can see the benefits of boosting local resilience in place of the undemocratic machines currently wasting our time and money. If you are reading this and feel the same I urge you to join with us in the fight – UNITED WE STAND!


  2. Jo sent the following comment about amalgamations in Arizona where some districts have been able to de-merge from their larger amalgamated region, “You will get a laugh out this. I had to ring Godaddy – got talking to Jesse who wanted to know what our group was about – well it turns out Jesse lives in Santan Valley, Arizona, and they have just separated from Clear Creek because they were not being treated well by the Council. So now they have their own council and their own zip code!! but now when you say you come from Santan Valley no one knows where it is (anymore) – and it took them 3 years to achieve this status!!” Does it sound familiar. One Queensland Mayor is on record saying “Communities have lost identity” because of the amalgamation. The sooner we de-merge the sooner the communities will get identity back!


  3. I’ve recently had reason (basically Gold Coast Council bureaucrazies trying their typical little tin god bit despite being 100% in the wrong) to do a bit of background research on the subject of local government & in doing so I stumbled across the subject of federal constitutional legitimacy (or rather the lack thereof) in respect of councils. Seems a number of high court decisions have acknowledged there is no such thing as a third tier of ‘government’ ergo local authorities are not legitimate ‘governments’ but really no more than bodies corporate. Maybe others are far ahead of me in this area & if so I’d appreciate any input they can provide. Anyway, I understand that even Crisafulli (not being exactly the sharpest pencil in the pack) has some awareness of the issue (see Local Government and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012 which provides for the restoration of body corporate status to Queensland local governments). I guess that politicians being the power-mad individuals they invariably are, its near impossible for them to dispense with the concept of ‘government’ even though its been proven to be inapplicable in respect of councils. That leads me to wonder why we can’t demand councils follow body corporate laws which would as far as I’m aware give the sheeple infinitely more control over petty tyrants like GCC mayor Tate. I’d dearly love to see that smarmy smirk rubbed of his ugly mush. On a slightly different tangent, I see an article in the Fairfax press claiming Boy Blunder Bleijie is proposing legislation to allow Queenslanders to use class-action lawsuits against government entities. I can think of quite a few actions that are justified against the incumbent dictatorship.


  4. I am beginning to gather information and people’s views on the de-amalgamation of Fraser Coast Council. The more people I speak to in Maryborough, the more I find are very dissatisfied with the amalgamation. The perceptions are that Maryborough is being treated like a suburb of Hervey Bay and not like the City it used to be. How stupid is it to amalgamate two Cities? Now Maryborough, which was a debt free Council pre-amalgamation, is burdened by Hervey Bays debt. And Maryborough is burdened by Hervey Bay rates and charges which were the highest in the state. The same goes for the old Wacoo and Tiaro Council areas. The people are not happy, and feel like they have been downgraded. Has the QLGRA received any other contact from dis-allusioned Maryborough people or businesses? We want our Council back. We want our City back.


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