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The QLGRA is a non-party political association of groups and individuals from throughout Queensland focused on the reform of local government.  View our Mission Statement


Dear members, member groups and supporters,

As we advance into 2018 it is becoming clearer that the depth of issues arising for Queensland’s Local Councils is increasing.

For example, the new CEO at Logan sacked for drawing attention to issues within that council? Many other issues affect many councils right across the state.

Attending our bi-annual forum is one strategy for Queensland citizens to declare their concern not only about their local council, but about all the issues that are affecting Queensland Councils.

In the last year, at great expense to ratepayers and tax payers we have seen 5 inquiries that to this day still leave many of the real issues facing Qld Councils unresolved.

(These included: Operation Belcarra, Financial Sustainability, the review of local council elections as conducted by ECQ, the councillor complaint process review and Making Public Allegations Public.)

The inquiries in total are nothing more than a bandaid.  We need a comprehensive inquiry into the state of councils in Queensland.

Hence again I urge you to attend the forum.

We are very pleased to announce that Bob Ansett has agreed to speak.  Bob was a stalwart of the successful campaign to de-amalgamate Noosa Shire. 

Our bi-partisan forum will be joined by Jonathan Sri (Greens Councillor from Gabba Ward Brisbane) and Ken Park (Former Mayor) as major speakers.  

We look forward to their contributions and the Q&A sessions with these speakers. 

Please see the attached flyer – but here are some more details:

DATES:             Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th February 2018.  Starting time: 9.00am with close 12:00PM  Sunday

PLACE:            The Redcliffe Hall  which is entered via the car park located at 138 Sutton St, Redcliffe. (Old Crazy Clark’s Building)

COST:               $20 includes morning and afternoon tea.  Lunch can be purchased or BYO.

FORUM DINNER:    ALL participants and their friends are welcome to join us on Saturday night for dinner at My Greek Cuzina/Ceylon Inn*.  This will be at your own cost.

                         * PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DINNER VENUE – THE RSL is being renovated)

BOOKING:    Please send your RSVP by reply email before Monday 19th February if possible (including for the Forum Dinner) . Late RSVPs will be accepted, but for catering purposes , the earlier the better.

We hope to have an online booking facility available in the near future.  Those who have RSVP’d will be advised of further details as they come to hand.


  1. Scarborough Caravan Park 07 3203 8864 http://www.scarboroughholidayvillage.com.au/villas/
  2. Kipparing Motor Village 07 3283 3933 http://www.kipparingvillagemotel.com.au
  3. Redcliffe Motor Inn 07 3282 4600  http://www.redcliffemotorinn.com.au

Plus a google search will bring other accommodation options.

My Google search for accommodation  indicated limited choices – so be quick.

Do not hesitate to contact Colin (President) on 04 3507 3072 or Joanna (Secretary) on 04 8898 8383 for more information.

The QLGRA appreciates all the work of the Moreton Ratepayers Action Group in bringing this meeting together.

Please do not hesitate to forward this to others who may be interested.

Looking forward to seeing you there on the 24th February,

Joanna Kesteven

Acting Secretary

Qld Local Government Reform Alliance (QLGRA), Inc.

Phone: 07 5463 5039 (Preferred)  04 8898 8383.

Website:   www.qlgralliance.org.au

Have your say in our online survey:
“How Well Does Your Council Serve Your Local Community?”


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the QLGRA

  1. Across Qld the areas who have lost effective voice in their governance, are growing more hopeful as they band together to lobby for better governance. They have not been placated by official panaceas and grow daily more determined to fight for a real say in their areas. QLGRA is uniting the hearts and efforts of those who can see the benefits of boosting local resilience in place of the undemocratic machines currently wasting our time and money. If you are reading this and feel the same I urge you to join with us in the fight – UNITED WE STAND!


  2. Jo sent the following comment about amalgamations in Arizona where some districts have been able to de-merge from their larger amalgamated region, “You will get a laugh out this. I had to ring Godaddy – got talking to Jesse who wanted to know what our group was about – well it turns out Jesse lives in Santan Valley, Arizona, and they have just separated from Clear Creek because they were not being treated well by the Council. So now they have their own council and their own zip code!! but now when you say you come from Santan Valley no one knows where it is (anymore) – and it took them 3 years to achieve this status!!” Does it sound familiar. One Queensland Mayor is on record saying “Communities have lost identity” because of the amalgamation. The sooner we de-merge the sooner the communities will get identity back!


  3. I’ve recently had reason (basically Gold Coast Council bureaucrazies trying their typical little tin god bit despite being 100% in the wrong) to do a bit of background research on the subject of local government & in doing so I stumbled across the subject of federal constitutional legitimacy (or rather the lack thereof) in respect of councils. Seems a number of high court decisions have acknowledged there is no such thing as a third tier of ‘government’ ergo local authorities are not legitimate ‘governments’ but really no more than bodies corporate. Maybe others are far ahead of me in this area & if so I’d appreciate any input they can provide. Anyway, I understand that even Crisafulli (not being exactly the sharpest pencil in the pack) has some awareness of the issue (see Local Government and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012 which provides for the restoration of body corporate status to Queensland local governments). I guess that politicians being the power-mad individuals they invariably are, its near impossible for them to dispense with the concept of ‘government’ even though its been proven to be inapplicable in respect of councils. That leads me to wonder why we can’t demand councils follow body corporate laws which would as far as I’m aware give the sheeple infinitely more control over petty tyrants like GCC mayor Tate. I’d dearly love to see that smarmy smirk rubbed of his ugly mush. On a slightly different tangent, I see an article in the Fairfax press claiming Boy Blunder Bleijie is proposing legislation to allow Queenslanders to use class-action lawsuits against government entities. I can think of quite a few actions that are justified against the incumbent dictatorship.


  4. I am beginning to gather information and people’s views on the de-amalgamation of Fraser Coast Council. The more people I speak to in Maryborough, the more I find are very dissatisfied with the amalgamation. The perceptions are that Maryborough is being treated like a suburb of Hervey Bay and not like the City it used to be. How stupid is it to amalgamate two Cities? Now Maryborough, which was a debt free Council pre-amalgamation, is burdened by Hervey Bays debt. And Maryborough is burdened by Hervey Bay rates and charges which were the highest in the state. The same goes for the old Wacoo and Tiaro Council areas. The people are not happy, and feel like they have been downgraded. Has the QLGRA received any other contact from dis-allusioned Maryborough people or businesses? We want our Council back. We want our City back.


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